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Mail & E-mail

Mail and e-mail are both extremely important ways of communication in our society. However, both have their advantages, disadvantages, similarities, and differences. And even though e-mail is now commonly used for personal and business communications alike; Mail is still very important, useful, and convenient. 

Let me start with some major differences between e-mail and mail!
First of all, we have speed. This has to be the greatest advantage of email! We can send emails within seconds, instead of taking days like a written letter would take to reach its destination. Then we have cost. Sending a letter through the post-office will cost some money, but sending an e-mail will cost nothing (other than your internet connection, of course!). Also you can reach multiple recipients with one single e-mail. Whereas one physical letter can only reach one destination, in that case the sender would have to write multiple letters for the various recipients (this means more time, more money). Another…

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